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Derived from the more refined Slipstream of the past, the new 7S Jetstream+ is a true hybrid surfboard, both from a design perspective and by definition of its performance. Now with more volume under the chest for better paddling and overall usability, this ‘Performance All-Rounder’ will adapt to a range of conditions from mushy beach breaks to classic point waves.

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OUTLINE: There’s more surface area up front compared to a regular shortboard, which is great for generating speed and acceleration when driving off your front foot. The back half resembles a traditional shortboard with a refined outline and a forgiving round tail for smooth, yet controlled rail transitions.


CONTOURS: Tried and tested around the global, the subtle single-to-double concave with vee out through the tail delivers a balance of speed and flow over flatter sections, and responsiveness in hollow waves.


ROCKER: Low-to-moderate entry rocker is designed to offer immediate acceleration from the take off, but still allow the board to fit into more critical parts of the wave. The relaxed tail rocker helps maintain down the line speed, and creates acceleration through the entire turning arc.


FOIL: Foiled just enough through the nose and tail so the board delivers a nice feeling of sensitivity. The performance rail profile completes the design package by adding a highly responsive feel when the board is carving on rail.


PERFORMANCE: Regarded as the most user-friendly hybrid model on the market, the 7S Jetstream+ is essentially designed to make performance surfing a little easier, and create a better approach to the way you ride waves.


5'5"19 1/4"2 3/8"26.5ltrFCS II Performer121lb / 55kg 
5'7"19 1/2"2 1/2"29.1ltrFCS II Performer132lb / 60kg 
5'9"19 3/4"2 5/8"31.5ltrFCS II Performer143lb / 65kg 
5'11"20"2 2/3"33.5ltrFCS II Performer154lb / 70kg 
6'1"20 1/4"2 3/4"36.0ltrFCS II Performer165lb / 75kg 
6'3"20 1/2"2 13/16"38.4ltrFCS II Performer176lb / 80kg 
6'6"21"2 7/8"42ltrFCS II Performer187lb / 85kg 
6'9"21 1/2"3"46.5ltrFCS II Performer198lb / 90kg +

7S Jetstream (Various Sizes)

PriceFrom $500.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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