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  • I heard that NSB is the shark bite capital, are there sharks?
    Yes, there are sharks. Yes, people have been bit. It is, however, rare and unusual. Sharks are not out to get you, they simply mistake you for a fish. Local surfers see them often, but rarely have interactions. We've learned to coexist. Some ways to avoid shark interactions is to avoid being in the ocean during the early hours of the morning and at dusk. Also, if you're worried about sharks, we advise to not go out on murky water days because you are more likely to appear like a fish to shark eyes.
  • Do you offer surf rentals? How much is the rate?
    Yes, we offer surfboard & bodyboard rentals year-round. Learn more about our rental selection and how to ensure a smooth rental process by visiting our Surf Rental page. Rental Rates: Surfboard Rentals: $25 every 24 hours or $100 for 7 days Bodyboard Rentals: $10 every 24 hours or $50 for 7 days
  • Do you deliver your rentals?
    Unfortunately, we do not deliver rental boards. However, our shop is located just two blocks from the beach so it's an easy walk.
  • Do you offer wetsuit rentals?
    For hygiene reasons, we do not rent out wetsuits. However, we do offer a large selection of toppers, spring suits, and full suits for adults & children alike. Give us a call to make sure your desired size is in stock: 386-423-8532
  • Do you offer surf lessons?
    No, but we've got a guy! Reach out to NSB Surf Instructor, Chris Ross at 321-202-9913 or Chris specializes in beginner and novice surf lessons for all ages. He offers: - Private lessons - Group lessons - Surf camps - Private parties - Adult lessons - Surf coaching
  • Where should I surf?
    Right out front of our shop is highly recommended for beginners and intermediate surfers. Visitors often want to know where the best breaks are, but for safety reasons we do not recommend paddling out at the crowded spots. There are many free and affordable parking options between Flagler Avenue and our shop. Driving is allowed on the beach here. It is $20 for a day pass and 4-wheel drive is recommended. Learn more about where to park and beach driving at
  • How are the waves?
    Check our surf report to get the best and most accurate wave forecast. Call (386) 427-9926 for the daily report!
  • What's the water temperature like?
    From May to October, our water is warm & comfortable ranging from mid 70s to high 80s. From November to April, the water can be chilly hovering in the 60s and even get down to the 50s in the middle of winter. We always like to say that if you are coming from up north, you'll probably be fine, but otherwise we recommend a wetsuit for the colder months.
  • Do you ship boards?
    No, we do not ship boards. However, we do offer our board inventory online. You can shop and even purchase your board online, but it is in-store pick-up only.
  • Where's Dave?
    Dave isn't here man. For the last 3 years, he's been in Bali living his best life!
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