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The Red Dog Story

"A Whale of a Tale"

By Dave Sokoll

It was rumored that Bill actually found it. He was out at dawn for an early run on the beach.....what beach?....that remains a mystery to this day.

It was so heavy he couldn't lift it....but he thought it to be of value and so he ran to find help.

As he ran he thought about the strong smell of it and could only muse as to its purity. He finally came upon Mark, who intrigued by Bill's story, followed him back to his find.....ambergris!...and alot of it!

They wrestled it up the dune and safely hid it. They thought to call Dave Sokoll, who they thought might know more about whales and their poop. Perhaps he might know how to market their semi-illicit find.

It's rumored the trio travelled to the Shetlands and northern Scotland by submarine and met there with shady Euro whale poop dealers.


In the end, Bill retired northward and Mark & Dave came to the idea of transforming an old fried chicken joint into a surf shop.

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