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Ding Repair

Local firefighter and New Smyrna Beach ding repair artist, Bryan Everidge, is our go-to guy for any cracks, holes, or buckles from nose to tail. 

Bring your board in for an estimate today! 

*Professional board repair takes roughly 2 weeks to complete. Please have fins and leash removed before bringing it in for an estimate.*

*Please take all longboards to our second location, Kembali the Boardshack.*

Professional Ding Repair or DIY?

We carry ding repair kits for minor damage.

Are you unsure whether your ding needs professional help or not? Bring your board in! We have a variety of ding repair kit options for the quick-fix, including Ding All and Suncure. These kits work great for minor dings and you'll be back in the water in no time!

A few important tips for DIY Ding Repair...

  • Perform your ding repair indoors and out of direct sunlight or else the resin will begin curing before you're ready

  • If using Suncure: after you've finished sanding and filling your ding, then take your board into direct sunlight to cure

  • When choosing your repair kit, know whether your board is polyester or epoxy. Polyester kits ONLY work on polyester boards and will damage an epoxy board. Epoxy kits work on BOTH poly and epoxy boards so if you absolutely do not know what your board is, go with the epoxy kit.

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