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Surfing. It’s so much more than a sport or hobby. Surfing is a way of life, and odds are the mere mention of the word will conjure images of sun-kissed beaches, blue water, and carefree attitudes. The reality of surfing, however, is far more magical. If you go beneath the surface, you’ll find that surfing provides its disciples with a healthy outlet of self expression, and a lifetime of excellent physical condition. Additionally, spending your time deciphering the ever changing ocean tends to instill a calm, acute awareness of one’s surroundings, and a deep connection to and appreciation for the natural world. You’re also likely to become more knowledgeable about weather than the person who points at a green screen for a living on your local news channel. On top of all this, the quest to ride waves has taken most devotees around the world to exotic and remote locations, providing incredible cultural and life experiences. If there is another sport/hobby that can do all of this for an individual, we don’t know what it is. Still not convinced? Let’s break down what is actually occurring when a wave is ridden. Energy generated by a storm often hundreds, if not thousands of miles away, was transferred into the ocean, traveled across said ocean, and unleashed its fury on a beach or reef in an explosive and powerful culmination. By catching and riding a wave, a surfer is harnessing the energy of a hurricane, winter storm, or trade wind at its most violent point for his or her enjoyment. If that doesn’t sound cool to you, you are on the wrong website. If it does, let us help you begin your quest to become a rider of waves by signing up for a one on one or group surf lesson. Think this sounds like a better path for your children than playing video games all summer? Sign them up for one of our summer surf camps. Join us and expand your horizons!



In pre Captain Cook Hawaii, where as far as we know the art of riding waves first began, surfing was said to be the “Sport of Kings.” Our instructors do not rule over anyone, but they have ridden a lot of waves.


Surf Camp Calendar


*The first week of the month will be Wednesday to Friday due to July 4th holiday. 

3 Day Camps: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


5th – 7th

11th – 13th

18th – 20th


5 Day Camp: Monday – Friday


24th – 28th



3 Day Camps Only: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


1st – 3rd

8th – 10th


Specialty Event: End of Summer Red Dog Surf Jam

Saturday, August 12th

  • All Red Dog Surf Camp attendees are invited to participate. Sign up at the shop.
  • Prizes, BBQ, and surf movie at Red Dog Sea Sport the evening after the event.



 Individual Lesson: $65 first hour, $50 for second hour. Board is included.

 Group Lessons: $55 first hour, $45 for second hour. Boards Included.


3 Day Camp (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, first 3 weeks of the month, June, July and August): $200


5 Day Camp (Monday-Friday, last week of the month, June, July and August): $300



Zack: (386) 478-3683

Devon: (386) 690-1571




    801 A1A, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
    Phone: (386) 423-8532
    Surf Report: (386) 427-9926

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    801 A1A, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
    Phone: (386) 423-8532
    Surf Report: (386) 427-9926

Copyright 2018 Red Dog Surf Shop. Website by Zgraph | Site Map